Founders of Tomorrow is not just a bootcamp, it's also a vast network of talented alumni and inspiring speakers.

This blog is a space to share the remarkable things they do. Plus a few stories about tech, climate, entrepreneurship, and other topics that mean a lot to us.

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“Empathy should be one of the Sustainable Development Goals”

“What I brought with me from Founders of Tomorrow is that technology must be deeply connected with empathy, equality and …

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The Next Level of Innovation: Going Beyond Sustainability

In a world of constant change, and a climate crisis looming, the question is how do we address these challenges …

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‘Regeneration is just a word’ by May-Britt Vangsgaard Andersen

At Founders of Tomorrow’s TechBBQ panel debate in September this year, we discussed the concept of regeneration with everyone in …

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Building for the long-term – Kristoffer Rønn-Andersen’s story

”I’ve consciously put myself in this situation. In many ways, it’s about growing up for me. It’s about asking myself …

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Why ‘Regenerative visions – beyond sustainability’?

We live in times where dystopias are many, utopias few and desirable and plausible visions for the future are hard …

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Physical Me, Digital We: towards a blended future of digital bootcamps? – a participant’s journey

FoT2020 alumni and cultural entrepreneur Daiana Tzvetkova reflects on the experience of the virtual Founders of Tomorrow 2020 bootcamp #space: …

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