Danske iDéer


In 2015 Henrik Føhns, Jan Madsen, Laila Pawlak, Anders Hvid and Kris Østergaard and the Danish Industry Foundation partnered to create Danske iDéer, a Singularity University Global Impact Challenge. 

Held in Copenhagen, the annual ‘crash course’ and competition was a high- speed space for tech ideation and inspiration—specifically targeted to diverse groups of speakers, thinkers and doers united by the goal to make the world a better place through exponential technology. The program also provided one course participant, chosen for the merits of the idea they present at the course, with a scholarship for the Global Solution Program at Singularity University. 

At the end of 2017, the Danish Industry Foundation granted three years of funding for the next round of the project. Reflecting the development and learnings in organising the bootcamp over the years and changes in the global and Danish contexts, the name of the program was changed to Founders of Tomorrow and prize options were expanded beyond Singularity University.  

The impact study conducted at the end of the three-year project found that: