Sustainable Development


Founders of Tomorrow 2018 explored the challenges and opportunities posed by the Sustainable Development Goals. During the five-day bootcamp, the participants learned about the goals and how they interlink. The participants collected inspiration and ideas from variety of perspectives and cases of exponential technologies, new business models, ethical considerations, storytelling, impact investment and responsible disruption. These insights informed the creation of ideas in teams for solutions employing exponential technologies and new business models contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.  


Day 1

Set your intention

The Global Goals as a framework for problem solving and innovation 

Talks on Introduction to exponentials, blockchain, digital manufacturing and biotechnology 

Day 1
Day 2


Learning about AI, complex networks, robotics, MedTech, neuroscience, data and ethics and quantum computing 

Day 2
Day 3


Design thinking of agile development, bringing in the tech and building robots 

Fireside chat on human meaning-making 

Day 3
Day 4


Concept development, prototyping, testing and learning. 

Talks on storytelling, Nordic entrepreneurship 

Day 4
Day 5


Workshop: Getting your voice heard 

Group pitch competition 

Keynote talk on creativity, improvisation, collaboration and inspiration  


Day 5

Lena Tünkers

Helix Visions
Data stored in plants: biotechnology, creative story, 10x thinking, scaling it. Great use of technology in different ways.