Facing Radical Planetary Futures
Copenhagen 12-16 June 2023

We have not lost hope. Yet we also need to be prepared. Prepared for a world that may look radically different from what we know today. According to the latest assessment by the UN, current climate pledges put us on track for a 2.5-degree world by the end of this century. And these are just pledges, other estimates point towards even more warming.

We dare to face this future at this year’s Founders of Tomorrow. We dare to pause the debate on climate mitigation toward 1.5 degrees. And we dare steer solutions towards radical climate adaptation for a world far warmer, extreme weather, sea level rise, loss of biodiversity and ecosystems, a decline in human health, agricultural and economic disruptions, and social and political instability – we will explore it all, and it will be a rough one. But if the community of Founders of Tomorrow doesn’t explore it, who will?

The old way will not work in this future. We need diverse thinking and radical innovation to succeed. To be a founder of tomorrow this type of thinking is exactly what you need. This is your chance to learn how to navigate the future, seek opportunities, and build impactful solutions to important problems of tomorrow.

During the 5-day camp, you will meet some of the world’s leading climate and biodiversity scientists who will welcome you into our warm future. You will hear from both technologists and humanists pushing the frontier of climate adaptation (sometimes in collaboration, other times in confrontation!). And most importantly, you will venture into this future with a diverse group of 60 courageous peers with whom you will journey from a state of problem understanding to one of action. After all, this is what Founders of Tomorrow is all about – to in communion tune our hearts and minds to new futures and explore the innovations necessary to positively impact our outer and inner worlds.

What if facing this reality head on, what if not looking away will create, not the dreaded wave of despair, but rather become the fuel to fight even harder to protect what we have? Let’s explore together..


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Adil Najam

Dean Emeritus and Professor of International Relations and Earth and Environment at Boston University.

Anja Boisen

Professor at DTU and Head of Nanoprobes research group

Anne S Meyer

Associate Professor at University of Rochester

Brent Loken

Global Food Lead Scientist for WWF

Britt Wray

Lead, Special Initiative of the Chair on Climate Change and Mental Health, Stanford Medicine

Cyrus Clarke

Founder at Grow Your Own Cloud

Eline Lorenzen

Professor and Head of Research, Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen

Emil Stigsgaard Fuglsang

Co-founder and COO at Matter

Kasper Moth-Poulsen

Professor at Technical University of Catalonia and Chalmers University of Technology

Katherine Richardson

Professor of Biological Oceanography at Copenhagen University

Katrine Bregengaard

Founder of Radical Mindfulness

Lars J Nilsson

Professor of Environmental and Energy Systems at Lund University

Maria Eisner Pelch

Building sustainable solutions made for the future economy at Concordium

Program overview

Day 1: Why climate adaptation?

Monday 12 June (9:00-17:00)

Building an understanding of the consequences of a warmer planet. What problems are we facing? How can we as founders of tomorrow act and build companies with impact in a world with a radically changed climate? What signals of change can we explore? Reflection and teamwork

Day 2: The inner work

Tuesday 13 June (9:00-20:00, including dinner)

In times of fundamental transitions, we need to know the theory of the inner work. We will learn about the Inner Development Goals, climate grief, and human behavior. We will also dive deeper into the problem space of understanding the challenges and opportunities. We will meet entrepreneurs that themselves have created companies and solutions to tackle grand challenges.

Day 3: Technologies for a warmer planet

Wednesday, 14 June (9:00-20:00, including dinner)

Emerging technologies within energy, food, construction, etc., are evolving at exponential speed offering solutions to many of our challenges. On this day, we will invite researchers and practitioners to share their perspectives on the future and the tools we need to build a better future.

Day 4: Shaping the adaptation

Thursday, 15 June (9:00-18:30, followed by dinner ending at 20:00)

Teamwork - going from reimagining to co-creating ideas for solutions contributing to climate adaptation. Intra- and entrepreneurship as pathways to transforming cities.

Day 5: Sharing solutions

Friday 16, June (9:30-14:00, closing event and reception 14:00-19:00)

Prototyping and sharing team ideas. Reflecting on ‘what change do I want to bring about going forward in the transition of humanity's transition to a changed climate?’.