“Networking—not for my own career, not for friendships alone, but for doing great stuff together. Passion-driven networking, making one believe more in what one is doing.”
Former participant

Founders of Tomorrow

Founders of Tomorrow (formerly known as Danske Ideer) is a non-profit educational bootcamp and idea competition designed for you with a passion to use technology as a tool to create positive impact in the world.

During the five-day bootcamp, you will, together with more than 50 fellow changemakers, learn about purpose-driven innovation, exponential technologies and entrepreneurship. On and off stage you will be surrounded by leading experts and entrepreneurs in the Nordics that place people, planet and prosperity at the center of their work. Beyond that, you will become part of a growing community of bright minds driven by a passion to finding solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.

Supported by the Danish Industry’s Foundation, participation in Founders of Tomorrow is free-of-charge.

See a press release in Danish here.

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To date, the bootcamp has more than 200 alumni. An impact report commissioned by the organisers in 2017, showed that over 30 percent of the alumni reported that the bootcamp was a direct catalyst behind the businesses they had created after their participation.

Founders of Tomorrow team work

Meet the Founders of Tomorrow team

Anders Hvid

Anders Hvid

Co-founder of DareDisrupt. Co-author of Face the Future.

Martha Rehnberg

Märtha Rehnberg

Co-founder of DareDisrupt. Published 3D printing expert. Co-founder of BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration).

Jan Madsen

Jan Madsen

 Professor in computer based systems at the Technical University of Denmark.

Henrik Fohns

Henrik Fohns

Eeditor and anchor of the podcast Techtopia reporting on digital technology and futurism.

Moderater and speaker on all subjects related to digital technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Reeta Hafner

Reeta Hafner

Project Manager, DareDisrupt.

Leading preparations for Founders of Tomorrow.

Focuses on tech for impact, equality and diversity.