Founders of Tomorrow is a non-profit initiative that brings together change makers to learn about global challenges, disruptive technologies and intra- and entrepreneurship in order to create radical ideas for businesses and initiatives contributing to a better future for the people and the planet.  

Founders of Tomorrow accelerates learning and ‘connecting the dots’ around future value shifts and opportunities for impact. It provides a safe space for developing radical ideas for future businesses with a community of other curious and ambitious minds. 

Founders of Tomorrow is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation and powered by DareDisrupt. 





Have been started as an indirect OR direct result of founders of tomorrow 2018-2020



would recommend fOUNDERS OF TOMORROW to a colleague, a fellow student or a friend.


Of participants in 2018-2020 gained courage to try new things in their career.


Participants claimed that FOT has already led them to adjust their career paths into a new direction .

Who is a founder of tomorrow

What characterises the people who take part in the program is curiosity towards the future and a strong desire to contribute to solving the challenges humanity is facing. Founders of tomorrow come from diverse backgrounds of technology, business, design, art, social sciences and others. They are aspiring or experience entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs or seek to make an impact on the world in another way.

About the Founders of Tomorrow bootcamp

Each year Founders of Tomorrow brings together 60 change makers for a five-day transformative educational experience under an annual theme. During these five days, they learn about disruptive technologies, impact-driven business and global challenges from leading experts, intra- and entrepreneurs in the Nordics. Working in multi-disciplinary teams, they develop radical ideas for tech-powered business solutions.

Talks and workshops

by leading experts, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the Nordics

Fireside chats

exploring ethical questions, value shifts and cases ‘from the edge’

Sharing and learning

amongst the 60 participants each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences into the camp

Idea creation

in a multidisciplinary team. Team ideas are pitched at the end of the camp to an external jury.

Founders of Tomorrow ecosystem


300+ change makes come together in the Founders of Tomorrow alumni community. 

Advisory board

The Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv)

DTU Skylab and DTU Compute


Meet the team

Reeta Hafner

Project Manager, DareDisrupt. FoT lead. Social Innovation Adviser. Facilitator.

Giulia Micozzi

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Jan Madsen

Professor in computer based systems at the Technical University of Denmark.

Märtha Rehnberg

Co-founder of DareDisrupt. Published 3D printing expert. Co-founder of BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration).