FoT ForesT

Welcome to the ForesT, our network-based community building support tool

This experimental alumni platform will help you, the Founders of Tomorrow alumni, uncover and leverage connections within our community.
The platform is called FoT Forest as it is like a map of the roots and mycelium connections underlying the alumni community. You and more than 150 other alumni have so far joined the platform by giving consent for us to use your public LinkedIn profile. Find out more about FoT Forest below.

Picture from the FoT Alumni “Crypto + Impact” event where an earlier version of the ForesT was used

About the FoT Forest

The tool can be best understood as a data analytics and matchmaking platform. The Forest helps alumni onboard, connect and find one other in new ways, based on interests and passions. It also helps to facilitate teamwork during and beyond the FoT bootcamp.

FoT Forest builds on an idea created by group of FoT2019 alumni and is developed by Dataverz co-founded by FoT alumni, Pedro Parraguez.

As data sources, FoT Forest uses the public part of LinkedIn profiles. Participation in the FoT Forest is voluntary and based on explicit consent. You need to have participated in Founders of Tomorrow/Danske iDeer to have access to the platform.

For any questions about FoT Forest, please reach out to Anders Hvid at and for feedback please click on the feedback button below.

Watch a short video demo to learn a few tips and tricks

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