Founders of Tomorrow 2020

Draft program

Day 1: Monday 22 June


Introduction to exponentials

Why Space, and why now?

Space & ethics

Tech deep dive: what does technology enable us to do today?

A walking reflection: “How might we?” and “How might I?”

Day 2: Tuesday 23 June

“Tech as an enabler”

Tech talks on machine learning, digital manufacturing, robotics

“Tech for space”

Rockets, creating solutions for space travel, space debris, space mining

Day 3: Wednesday 24 June

“Space tech for Earth”

Turning our eyes on Earth: How to leverage satellite data for impactful solutions?

“Space as a design method”

How can Mars and the moon help us develop solutions on Earth?

Scifi and the power of storytelling

What can we learn about our society today for creating a society on Mars?

Day 4: Thursday 25 June

"Space as a business"

Old Space vs. New Space

Being a space entrepreneur

Business models for impact

"Spacethon" for co-creating impactful ideas

Day 5: Friday 26 June

"Spacethon" for co-creating impactful ideas continues

Bringing it home - reflection

Sharing ideas




“Founders of Tomorrow (Danske iDeer) gave me the ‘why not?’ mindset and ideas about exponential technology and its new business models.”
- Former participant

Get inspired by FoT2018

Day 1 (25 June 2018)

Welcome & setting the scene

Getting to know the other Founders

Panel: the Global Goals as a framework for problem solving and innovation

Introduction to Exponentials

Tech Talk: Digital Manufacturing

Tech Talk: Blockchain for impact and new forms of collaboration

Fireside Chat: Biotech and Ethics

Day 2 (26 June 2018)

Tech Talk: Complex Networks

Tech Talk: Artificial Intelligence

Tech Talk: Robotics

Tech Talk: MedTech

DeepDive: Neuroscience and the Biome

Talk: Future of Health and Innovation

Workshop: Disruption as a Method

Talk: Data and Ethics

Fireside Chat: Quantum Computing

Day 3 (27 June 2018)

Design Thinking for Agile Development

HEBOCON building robots & agile development

Workshop: Persona Centric Development for sustainability

Group work: Conceptualization, bringing in the tech!

Insights on impact from an impact investor

Fireside Chat: Human meaning making: Nordic lessons from the previous disruption

Day 4 (28 June 2018)

Workshop: Peer Concept Development

Interview - Nordic Entrepreneurship

Workshop - Disruptive Business Models

Talk and workshop - Storytelling is Magic!

Workshop: prototyping Workshop: Testing and Learning

Day 5 (29 June 2018)

Speakers’ training: Getting your voice heard

Group pitch competition

Talk – Creativity, improvisation, collaboration and inspiration by Jazz musician

Announcing the pitch winner and the Founder of Tomorrow

Wrap-up of the week & Celebration!