Follow a livestream from the camp on the Founders of Tomorrow Facebook page between 26-29 June 2018.

“Founders of Tomorrow (Danske iDeer) gave me the ‘why not?’ mindset and ideas about exponential technology and its new business models.”
- Former participant

Founders of Tomorrow audience

The five days of Founders of Tomorrow bootcamp consist of:

  • Deep dives into new technologies (think Blockchain, quantum computing, biotech, artificial intelligence, robotics and many more);
  • Tools to think big and move from idea to impact;
  • Debates on tech and ethics and focus on critical thinking;
  • Understanding humanity’s common agenda for the future, the Sustainable Development Goals, and how to how to develop a business that solves real problems;
  • Working together in diverse teams of people who share a passion for impact and tech.

Most talks during the bootcamp will be live-streamed on the Founders of Tomorrow Facebook page. Like the page here and get updates on the program.

Check out the videos from the 2018 bootcamp

Day 1 (25 June 2018)

  • Day 1

Day 2 (26 June 2018)

  • Day 2

Day 3 (27 June 2018)

  • Day 3

Day 4 (28 June 2018)

  • Day 4

Day 5 (29 June 2018)

  • Day 5

Founders of Tomorrow 2018 Programme

Day 1

25 June 2018

The Sustainable Development Goals


Digital Manufacturing

Blockchain technologies

Biotech and Ethics

Day 2

26 June 2018

Core technologies

Tech and humans

Disruption as a method

Data Ethics

Quantum Computing

Day 3

27 June 2018

Ideate and design!


Reflections on impact

Lessons from the Nordic experience


Day 4

28 June 2018

Storytelling is magic!

Lessons from a Nordic entrepreneur

Exponential Business Models


Day 5

29 June 2018

Get your voice heard

Sharing solutions

Selecting the winners

Inspiration, creativity and improvisation

Download the full Founders of Tomorrow 2018 programme.

Check out the list of speakers at Founders of Tomorrow 2018.