FoT OnTheRoad


Join sessions around Denmark in December 2018

Founders of Tomorrow will be on the road between 12-14 December with some of its amazing speakers looking for the next 60+ change makers to join the program in 2019. Come and join the two-hour deepdives into the future!

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Friday 14 December 2018

Aalborg - 10:00-12:00 at StartupWorks


Anders Hvid

Anders Hvid

Co-founder of DareDisrupt. Co-author of Face the Future.

Martha Rehnberg

Märtha Rehnberg

Co-founder of DareDisrupt. Published 3D printing expert. Co-founder of BLOC.

Louise_profilbillede copy

Louise Opprud Jakobsen

Author and business model innovation expert.

Reeta Hafner

Reeta Hafner

Project Manager DareDisrupt.

Project lead for Founders of Tomorrow.


Kristian Andreasen

Director, Kanda specialised in virtual reality and augmented reality.